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Traffic Management


All Necessary Traffic & Pedestrian Management.

One-stop solution provider for all your event management needs

Events management specialists for public events, film/TV productions, and sporting events, CREXCELL, has built a reputation in Scotland and throughout the UK for professional public event management and long-lasting partnerships with clients. We deliver projects on time and on budget. Please read testimonials from our clients here:

Our Events Management team is led by Scott Findlay, one of Scotland’s most respected experts in event planning and legislation, including pedestrian, traffic, and road network management. Alongside Scott, our project managers establish effective project control systems and manage key project issues.

Our Services

  • Compiling and promoting traffic orders

  • Traffic management design and drawings

  • Supervision and implementation of traffic management systems

  • Organising and coordinating transport-related services

  • Roads legislation advice

  • Conflict solutions and event delivery issues

Traffic Management
Event route design and planning
  • Event delivery design, planning, and consultancy

  • Event site analysis

  • Roads and transport planning

Event stewarding, marshaling, parking management, FOH
  • Public safety and security matters

  • Provision of security staff and stewarding staff

Liaison with national and local government
Liaison with emergency services
Stakeholder engagement
Traffic Management equipment hire
  • Health and safety compliance

  • Accreditation and compliance management

  • Environmental compliance

  • Liaison with the police, ambulance, and fire services

  • Client representation

  • Contractor management

  • Representation at multi-agency meetings

  • Hiring and installation of all the appropriate traffic management equipment



I found Scott and his team very easy to work with and extremely diligent. They were able to adapt to our changing demands and work within a short notice period. I would happily work with them again and recommend to others.

Simon Price,

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