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Avengers, Infinity War

CREXCELL is a one-stop provider for film-makers and television show producers

CREXCELL is a one-stop provider for film-makers and television show producers who require traffic management, event route design and planning, event security and stewarding, liaison with national and local government, liaison with emergency services, stakeholder engagement, and traffic management equipment hire.

A full list of our service offering is described at This includes how we devise and then implement traffic management and pedestrian management plans with public safety as a priority.

Most importantly, we are flexible and understand that TV and film production schedules can change and usually do.

CREXCELL has worked with major television and film producers, including

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Tell us about your film shoot and locations. You can rely on the CREXCELL team to provide a safe working space for your crew while maintaining an efficient flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic that enables your crew to get on with their creative and technical endeavours.



With our experience and local knowledge, we effectively liaise with regional and local government offices, as well as emergency services, such as the police, fire, and ambulance.

CREXCELL works closely with TV and film crews to engage all stakeholders – from public and private property owners of film locations, to historic buildings and natural environment trusts, to individual property owners.



CREXCELL provides all the planning and set location support required for a trouble-free shoot. During the process of event route design and planning, we are well-placed to advise the public of road closures in advance of filming. We save you time and money by minimising disruption to both your crew and the local people who use roadways or paths near your set location. In addition, we can provide event security and stewarding.

One-stop solution provider for all your event management needs

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